Car Rally

If you’re looking for something different for your next event – a birthday party, a social event, a fundraiser, a reunion or whatever – here’s your opportunity to have something special.

We will design, plan, co-ordinate and conduct a non-race, perfectly safe car rally, tailored to suit your specific outcome.

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The Event

As a customised event, it can be easily tailored to any occasion and run just for fun, or incorporate fund raising activities as well.

It can be run to start and finish at the same point – say, a park with a picnic afterwards – or from point to point – say, from the company offices to a function venue. It can incorporate sites specific to the client – customers, major projects, branch offices, franchises, etc – or be a tour of an area, such as the points of interest in the Dandenong Ranges.

It’s NOT a race, nor is it “Follow The Leader” like other apparently similar events you may have been to. Teams choose from a wide variety of sites to navigate to and challenges, both physical and observational, to perform to maximise their cumulative points score. They will not be able to visit all the sites or perform all the tasks within the timeframe set, so they must be selective and strategic about the course they choose to follow. Rarely do any two teams choose identical routes and tactics.


Your cost for a Car Rally is $750 plus considerations for degree of customisation and consultation required, location, number of participants, prize and trophy requirements, etc.

Some Fundraising Options

Fundraising can be as simple as a per car entry fee; organising retail commissions from vendors visited on the way, raffles, auctions – silent along the journey, live at the function after, etc.

Car Rally will consult with you and design and conduct your event the way you want it. The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your imagination.

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