Fundraising Trivia Events

  • Owned and run by Sale Of The Century Champion, Leon Fent with 20 years experience, our Corporate Trivia Fundraising Events include:
  • Full multimedia using the latest technology, including twin-speaker UHF PA, laptop, video projector and screen.
  • Tried and proven format, able to be customised to client’s requirements taking time available, content, venue, audience size and age into account.
  • Format includes teasing trivia and exciting, engaging games between rounds.
  • Prizes supplied by client for winning team and successful participants in games.
  • Fundraising from mild cost recovery to full-on profit making. Talk to Leon about your outcomes.
  • Available 24-7, Victoria-wide.

Why Trivia?

A trivia night is a great way to have a really fun evening while making buckets of money for your organisation. Let 1995 Sale Of The Century champ Leon Fent loose on your audience and you’ll see how he lives up to the promise of “making sure they have so much fun that they don’t realise how generous they’re being”. We ensure that you and your crowd will be scratching your heads, rolling in the aisles and generally having a puzzlingly good time.

Anticipated Fundraising Return

Typical financial returns from a TriviaOz event are in the vicinity of anywhere between $10 and $50 per head and more, depending upon audience size and attitude, quality/quantity of prizes and how much emphasis you would like us to place on the fundraising.

Corporate functions rarely have fundraising, while social clubs often only wish to cover costs, and schools, sports clubs and charities see our events as major fundraising opportunities. We recently cleared over $5,000 from 130 players at an outer suburban pre-school, and the Leukaemia Foundation raised more than $30,000 from 280 players at a gala ballroom-style event.


Your cost for TriviaOz! services? There is a variety of financial models that can be tailored to suit your event. It works out in the vicinity of $6-7 per head for a typical audience of 100 players, but can be less if large audiences are involved. Travel and accommodation costs outside the Melbourne metropolitan area are extra.


We can arrange for Allsports Memorabilia to attend your function at absolutely no cost to you, Allsports will set up an extremely professional display of top quality, authentic sports memorabilia at your venue and we will conduct a non-intrusive silent auction during the event.

The advantages to you:

  • You and your audience have the opportunity to pick up some fantastic bargains of genuinely rare and popular sporting and other personality memorabilia.
  • Your organisation makes profits – 10% of the reserve PLUS everything over the modest reserve is yours.
  • We do everything. Set up, auction and pack up.
  • We are happy to allow you access to our EFTPOS facilities for the event for your own fundraising.
  • Your venue is enhanced in appearance by the fabulous display
  • You don’t have to get as many prizes from your own sources
  • Risk-free. No cost to you regardless of result of auction.